Legion the TV Series: The Science-fiction Psychological Thriller that we can’t wait for!

Releasing in 2017, worldwide.

Being able to fly, to defeat all the villains of the world, and having supernatural powers are just some of the spectral characteristics of a superhero. However, the most epic television series is to be released in 2017, most probably, is going to be ‘Legion’.

The story is based on a mutant diagnosed with schizophrenia at a very young age.

Legion aka Dan Stevens is a haunting man with powers beyond conception. Dan is trying to find his way back to sanity.

Made by FX, in collaboration with Marvel Television, the series based on this X-Men character is going to be out soon.

Noah Hawley has been signed on as official writer and director of the pilot.

The lead role will be played by Dan Stevens, a popular English actor who is well known for his role in ‘Beauty and the beast’, ‘The guest’ and and ‘A walk among the tombstones’, as well as for his role in ‘Downtown Abbey’.

The lead actress Syd Barrett is popularly known for her lead role in ‘Fargo’.

Watch The official trailer here:


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