After Ranveer Singh, which other Bollywood actor do you wanna see flashing his butt on screen?

Shahid Kapoor, Varun Dhawan or Fawad Khan? VOTE NOW!

So we all saw how Ranveer Singh pulled off a ‘Kim Kardashian’ by breaking the internet with his butt show in Befikre. I mean, even if that scene was just for a fraction of a second but the fact he decided to go all bare on screen is something that the other actors should certainly take notice of.  In fact surprisingly, the Censor Board chief Pahlaj Nihalani too hasn’t taken any objection against this dare-bare shot. So what’s stopping other actors from daring to bare like Ranveer? Here, we give you options…


Varun Dhawan


If Varun’s bulge could get your eyes popping, how about checking out his butt one day? Don’t lie, some of ya’ll must have already fantasised about Varun the day he posted a pic flaunting his bulge. And anyway, he loves showing off his hot bod right from his abs, to ahem, you know what. Maybe, the backside expose can happen in Dishoom 2?

Shahid Kapoor


Blame it on all those ridiculously sexy Instapictures that keeps coming up on our newsfeed, Shahid’s made us really restless to check out his backside now. I mean, no seriously! Haven’t you guys seen his low waist towel selfies – it’s like he was almost there in dropping that towel but damn it! He decided to leave the rest for imagination. But yea, if Ranveer can bare his butt and get away with it then Shahid can definitely do it much, much hotter than him.

Fawad Khan


Okay, we agree Fawad has currently been banned in India owing to the Indo-Pak tension but that doesn’t mean he’s been banned from our hearts too. Mind you, we are NEVER going to compromise on our love for Fawad and we really mean it. Don’t you think he’s the ultimate eye candy Bollywood has ever witnessed? Those eyes, that smile – imagine if this is the effect he’s had on us without even going shirtless, what will happen the day he flashes his butt on screen?For sure an internet bomber!

Sushant Singh Rajput


Break into Sushant’s Instagram account and you’ll realise how this guy has one of the sexiest bodies in town. Tall, handsome, lean with an equally tempting torso, Sushant can literally make any women go weak in the knees with his good looks. And with that said, I don’t think a butt show would be of any harm? It’ll only add on to the heat and of course, a lot more admirers, amirite?

Sidharth Malhotra


Firstly, we feel Sid is more towards the cuter side than being sexy. It’s like even if he drops his shirt we would get more desperate to go and hug him than drool over his hot bod. So a butt show or no butt show, Sid will always be a sweetheart for us. But ya, it’s not like we don’t wish to see him getting playful with his sex appeal at all. In fact, it would be an added bonanza for all you Sid fans who have been crushing on him ever since he made his debut with Student Of The Year 2.

Tiger Shroff


And last but not the least we have Tiger Shroff who for all that we know has the most envious body, on this list. Given the amount of time he invests in building that drool-worthy body, we believe he can easily beat everyone in this ‘butt’ game. Probably it’s time for Tiger to show his asli ‘Heropanti’!

On that note, here VOTE for the actor who’s making you desperate to check out his backside and we’ll be back with the verdict right here.

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