World’s Deepest Flooded Cave Found In Czech Republic

PRAGUE: A Czech-Polish team said Friday it had discovered the world’s deepest underwater cave in the eastern Czech Republic.

At 404 metres (1,325 feet) deep, the Hranicka Propast, a limestone abyss near the city of Hranice, beats out Italy’s Pozzo del Merro cave that is 392 metres deep for the world record, Miroslav Lukas of the Czech Speleological Society told AFP.

Italy's Pozzo del Merro cave.
Italy’s Pozzo del Merro cave.

“We wanted to beat the Italian record. We succeeded and now we have the magic number of 404 metres,” said Lukas, insisting the cave was “definitely” deeper than that.“I don’t know if it’s by five metres or a hundred, but the depth is set to change,” he said.Lukas said the figure was confirmed by a depth gauge carried by a robot and by the length of a data cable connected to the robot.

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