Amit Sadh: Every time I had to stand in front of Salman Khan and deliver a dialogue, it was tough!

Amit Sadh gave us an entertaining perfromance in Sultan and so post the release, we got in touch with him to know more about his experience. Thw actor told us about his experience working in such a big film, the response he has got, his bond with Salman Khan and much more..

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Salman Khan‘s Sultan is one of the biggest films of the year and anyone associated with it will consider himself lucky. The film has received rave reviews from the critics as well as the audience. While many have praised Salman and Anushka’s act, there are quite a few people, including the superstar himself who have been impressed by Amit Sadh‘s performance in the film. We got in touch with the star to know how was his whole Sultanexperience till now, the response he has got from the audience, his bond with Salman Khan and much more. Here is what he had to say…

We last saw you in Guddu Rangeela. A year and half later, we are seeing you inSultan. Why such a huge gap between your releases?

To be very honest with you, I haven’t got work since a long time now. I am not ashamed of saying this. Whatever wok I have gotten, I have done it. I just hope that I get more such roles after Sultan. Sometimes you start doubting yourself, but God has a plan. In the last few years, people have been asking me about my PR agency. To which I told that, ‘I don’t have any film, what lies should I say.’ I don’t want to be the guy who keeps talking, but remains quiet. But when I got Sultan, I sat down quietly and worked hard. I was hoping that the film will be big and people will love it and me and that’s what happened. Some people like you called me on their own and showered love on me and I am grateful for it.


I have a few films that got delayed. I have with Shoojit Sircar. It’s a really nice film and I hope the film comes out coz of the huge buzz around Sultan. I have a Tigmanshu Dhulia film also. I hope these films release and people get to see me more..

Tell us how you were cast for Sultan?

This is a strange thing I want to tell you that I had met Ali a year before he was making Sultan. He had told me, ‘Amit, I like you as an actor and I will give you a role.’ But the casting for the film was done, but I came to know that I am not there in the film. I had, in fact,written on a diary that I would be working with Salman Khan in Sultan, but it didn’t come true. So I was really disappointed. But out of nowhere, I got a call on October 21, 2015, saying that Ali wants to meet you. He gave me details about the film and he told me that this role is for me. I am grateful to Ali and Shanoo Sharma coz they both pushed for me to be included.

Now that the film is done, tell us how has the response been for you till now?

There are only two things in life, one is our dedication towards work and the other is life’s response to you. Since the time I was born and since the day I started acting, the response has been overwhelming. The love that I am getting is very overwhelming. You are always on the look out for validation. You seek validation first from your parents, that I didn’t get. Then you try to get validation from your friends, teachers or mentors, but nobody gave me that validation. So I am grateful for Salman (Khan) sir, Ali (Abbas Zafar) sir for giving me this film. I am also grateful to all the fans who have loved the film and showered me with love and praises. It gives you strength and determination to work harder the next time around.

What was the most difficult part for you in the film?

Every time I had to stand in front of Salman sir and deliver big dialogues, it was tough. Forget films, if Salman Khan stands in front of you in real life, we go quiet. But when you have Salman Khan on screen and then a big camera, try saying your dialogues (laughs).Just joking.

Every scene was difficult coz my character had so many layers that I had to balance everything. Earlier he was egoistic but defeated, then he met Salman, then he became emotional. So with every scene my character was changing and to get it right every time was difficult. A lot of credit goes to Ali here for moulding my character and helping me get through. I am also grateful to the whole and Leepakshi Ellawadi who was our stylist and gave me such a good look.

Recently, Anushka revealed on a popular show that she was intimidated by Salman. Many people also feel that he is intimidating coz of his stardom and persona. But we all personally know he isn’t like that. So when you first meet him, what was your first reaction? And how did you break the ice with him?

First of all, I cannot break the ice with him and I cannot bond with him. It will have to be from his side coz he is Salman Khan and he has to decide if he wants to talk to me or not. I am grateful that he did talk to me and I am grateful that we have a bond too. But on the first day, I was petrified. We were shooting in Karjat and I go into Salman sir’s house where a huge lunch spread was laid out. I looked up to see what was going around and he came in front of me and I got petrified. While acting on day one, I was petrified. Even today when I stand in front of him, I am scared. But the warmth and love he has, makes you feel at home, He is amazing and if you want some space in heart, then you have to just be honest and real. He doesn’t have the patience for bullshit. I’ve already learnt a lot from him and it is a blessing to be a part of a film with Salman Khan in the lead.

Any particular compliment you received that made you happy?

When I started shooting, 20 days after we started, Salman sir came up to me and said that, ‘Well done Amit, you are looking sharp.’ So since then, I worked harder to get some more compliments. I started working harder in the gym, I took tips from him and three months down the line, Salman sir told me, ‘Amit, you are looking sharper. You are looking great.’ The film got over, but I wanted more compliments from sir, so I followed a diet and worked out regularly. He again told me a few days later that I was looking sharper than before. And when Salman Khan said, you have achieved everything.

After the film, Salman sir even told me that my acting was good and he liked it. That was a huge compliment for me. My director (Ali Abbas Zafar) complimented me, that is great. When you get such compliments from people who you look up to, that encourages you to be humble and eager to work more hard.

You just said that Salman was really impressed with your work. We also heard that he gifted you a cycle for your performance too. Is this true?

Where did you hear this from (laughs). The bond that I share with Salman sir is very pure. I didn’t want this report to come out anywhere, but yes, Salman sir did give me a cycle. I always had a dream since the last four years that I wanted to cycle with him. So he did ride a cycle with me, but with that he presented me a cycle too. This is my most favorite gift ever.

How was Salman’s Eid party?

There were lovely people and great food. It had a lot of love happiness.

Did you see Sultan at any single-screen theatres?

I always see Salman sir’s films in theatres. I had visited Gaiety for seeing Sultan this year.

What was the craziest reaction that you saw people give out at the theatre?

I saw the film on Eid. I had gone for the afternoon show at Gaiety. I stood behind and saw the movie. At every expression, emotion, dialogue or momentum, I could see people reacting. Its great to be able to see how Salman rules their heart. Many people recognised me and started shouting, Aakash Babu (his character in the film) has come. A few fans outside the cinema said, ‘Apne Bhai ki help ki, aaj se aap bhi hamare bhai ho.’ I clicked a few pictures with them and left. It was magical to see such wonderful reactions.

The film has broken quite a few records over the weekend. What do you have to say about this?

The biggest record would be finding a place in people’s hearts. And I think this is Salman Khan’s Rocky and Rambo. People will keep watching the film. The film will obviously break numbers, but for every actor, there is something beyond numbers too. And the best part of this film is that there is not villain in the film. Everyone is fighting his own weakness and problems. Every character has a struggle.

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