Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania TV Review: Priyanshu Jora shines brightly in this family drama

Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania: A family looks out for a bride for a young man burdened with the responsibility of a household of 14 members

The first episode impresses on quite a few fronts

Family dramas are the most favourite genre on Indian TV. Bade Bhaiya Ki Dulhania also belongs to that space. It tells the story of the Pant family that is looking for a suitable girl for its eldest son, Abhishek (Priyanshu Jora). What we liked was that the family was very real. Stories rooted in reality seem to be the flavor for Sony TV this season. We have the strong matriarch in Abhishek’s daadi, his ailing mother (Ushma Rathod) and a whole bunch of family members.

Diligent, responsible, intelligent and caring, Abhishek is the perfect son. In a setting where everyone wants to evade responsibilities, Abhishek is the most dutiful guy. A drop-out from an engineering college, he runs a home-stay business. His relatives are lazy, critical, and opinionated, in short, types you’ll find in every middle class household.


Everyone has a goal to find a perfect girl for Abhishek who will work equally to manage a household of 14 people. The most heart-broken is his mother who is distraught that her son has quit his studies and taken up the responsibility of the household when he could have easily avoided doing so. There are millions who will identify with such sentiments in current times when the joint family structure is crumbling down.

Priyanshu Jora won the Best Male Debut award for Tu Mera Hero and is pretty good as the sincere but easy-going Abhishek. We particularly loved the scenes between him and his mom. Saloni Daini whom we know as Gangubai is playing the role of his younger cousin sister, Mona. The brother and sister Jodi is adorable. The show is set in a beautiful hill station and we were treated to some picturesque sights.

It is the first daily fiction show of Bodhi Tree Productions and the production values seem quite decent. Actress Namita Dubey plays his love interest Meera. We were given a slight introduction to her character, a free-spirited girl without any care or responsibility in the world. It is different from the superwomen we see on TV.

On the minus side, we got introduced to too many characters in the first episode itself, which was kind of chaotic. The one-liners can be a lot better. All said and done, Priyanshu gives us a reason to check out the coming episodes.


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