Thousands of these innocent people driven by their emotions; willing to die for the change that is promised by their political leaders and has no idea that they are being deceived by the slogan of change. They have gathered to protest against the failure of the current government due to its failed policies, corruption, and it’s inability to keep up with the promises made by the people. The people have no idea that they are living in an illusion. The problem is that the political class has to work within the parameters of the system, and the problem is the “system” itself, whose foundation is based on Riba and monopolization of the currency. Every time a government comes to power – they promised to eradicate poverty, control inflation and give a good life to the people who voted them to power. Unfortunately, every time the people’s living standard declines and they are pushed into more destitution. The question remains obvious, why? What is wrong – why every leader fails the people. Even with all the passion and good intentions they fail all the time.

As the limits of the debate are already established – the politicians will never talk about usury which is the root cause of all the problems – and why the banks can only issue the currency, which in fact should be a free choice of the people.

The political class, regardless of the affiliation, works under the umbrella of central banking, which provides funding and instructions. The politicians’ slogans promoting change has nothing to do with change, but it is a lie they feed the people every time they come to power. The lack of awareness among the people has devoided them of any resistance, and instead, they find themselves in more chaos and anarchy every time they vote for change. The question is how the political process can bring the promised change when they have sold the people for a pound of flesh to the banksters.

The system is driven by RIBA and the monopolization of currency. The government pays billions in interest every year to the banks (the state bank, local banks, World Bank, IMF, or European banks), and we need to ask ourselves where these interest payments come from when only the principal amount was borrowed. This is a question that needs to be asked by the politicians, but obviously, the people’s representatives are lying to the people ever since the illusion of voting has started. The system is stealing from the people, and the government is complacent in this theft. Obviously, the government does not generate funds to pay off the interest payments to the banks – so the interest is passed to the people in the form of taxes, higher commodities prices, inflated property and still if the government couldn’t keep with the payments – they start selling national assets (PIA, Oil & Gas, etc.) for pennies just to keep borrowing more money and eventually the whole country is sold to the banksters for just pieces of paper (we falsely believed to be money) without people realizing it . The main point to understand in this game of gigantic theft is – the banks never risked anything of value in return for the money they claimed from the people of Pakistan in interest. They never send Engineers, Architects, and labours to Pakistan to built these project but merely just print pieces of paper (a medium to steal our labour and production) and we give them every inch of our ownership. In which capacity they claim that they have loaned us money, which is the plain lie, in fact, we have completed all these projects with our own resources. Are we so blind not to see it?

Who benefits this from the system? – the Central Bank only and this is all because they have the monopoly on the money creation (medium of exchange) and charge unwarranted interest/usury/riba.

If the leaders of the country are really sincere with the people, then why have they allowed the banks to steal billions through interest every year from the economy? All this money is generated by the people through their hard work, labour, production, and entrepreneurship skills. If they allow the banks to steal from the people then how can they bring the promised change? It is so obvious that they are not working for the welfare of the people, but for the interest of the banks which are allowed to steal from the people in the shadow of usurping democracy. Every political party will talk about corruption and “Panama leaks”, but none will dare to point their fingers at the banking system and riba, which is solely responsible for the ills of the world.

We have only one way ahead, and this is by denying the central banking system if we really want to prosper and deliver the promises made to the people. I wonder for how long we would continue to lie and remain ignorant of the real issue, which has not only made us penniless and subservient to the capitalist system, but brought us to war with Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him). There is no excuse for remaining ignorant and conscientiously stupid,

when the government could easily sanction a law to allow the people to issue their own money that could be a promissory obligation under a public body, a gold and silver mint or some other medium of exchange which is independent of the banking system, without any usury precipitating from it. By observing this change, the whole complexion of society would be transformed – poverty and unemployment would be matters of the past. The question is how independent and sovereign are we when, in fact, we cannot demand monetary justice for the people of Pakistan? This is the root cause of all evils that we are facing in our country. It shows the invisible power that is operating behind the scenes, as we have seen in the case against Riba in the supreme court of Pakistan which has been hanging for decades now, without any real conclusion. If the Book of Allah is so serious about Riba and that it is the cause of all our problems, then this non-serious attitude from the court and the politicians doesn’t make any sense.

People are handicapped due to their own ignorance, and this lack of knowledge about the system has made them subservient to the usurious system without building any resistance to it. If the people truly understand that they have been subjected to Riba in every transaction they make in their social and financial lives without even knowing it – I see a great revolution ahead. Riba is the cause of every tax and penny people pay in higher prices which the banking system enforced upon them. This is the level of corruption we are talking about and without understanding the system, it is impossible to make sense of the injustice made to the people and the real reason behind it. The government will continue to lie – as they know who they ought to serve for some reason they will make sure the lies are propagated through media outlets and education.

We know that Allah does not change the condition of the people unless they decide themselves, and they cannot reach a rational decision without an understanding of how the system works? A system which is in direct conflict with the Divine words of God, then it becomes a religious obligation upon every Muslims to understand Riba and how it is manifested through the Banking system. I do not understand why the people would remain guilty of their own demise by not demanding monetary justice for themselves. The politicians will never debate the central banking system in the parliament in which interest or riba is integral. When Allah has declared war against Riba then how it is possible to ignore such a fundamental commandment. The politicians have put constitution above the word of Allah and has avoided to amend it, which has central banking as an irreversible feature in it. They have sold their souls to the devil, for they will never allow Allah’s true words to prevail.

Pakistan can be a truly self-determined and prosperous country if we decide to eradicate central banking and Riba which is the real cause of our miserable state of being. As long as we remain ignorant and hypocrite, as a nation we are guilty of abandoning the true words of God and became nothing but our own worst enemies. The development work the government carries for the people would only make the people go into more falsified debt and as the national debt rises – so does the profit for the banks which in return do not risk even a penny for the benefit of the people. In the end, there will be skyscrapers, motorways, and new developments but no bread for the people to eat and they are forced to work like donkeys to generate the interest payments for the banks. If the government stands for justice then it is a crime to remain silent on this monumental theft which is orchestrated under our noses and for this they will not only answer in the hereafter, but they must answer the people here.

We must demand the government a monetary solution based on the Quranic principles, which will be a true representation of our wealth, labour, production, entrepreneurship and property independent of the Banking system without any riba and exploitation. Alas, if these people realise the truth – they could have been demanding a true monetary and economic justice for the people. While they chant for a new election, in the shadow of democracy – the high tension political drama is an enough distraction for the people to remain ignorant and clueless of the real issues, instead of an idea they focus on personalities who end up serving the same usurious system, and we will continue to complain why things haven’t changed.

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