Why #CyberCrimeBill in Pakistan? By SannaMalalai

CyberCrimesBill‬; another attack on free media and opinion of the people in a parliament loaded by democratically elected members from across Pakistan. The unexplained law is aimed to silence the voices that are raised for the wrongs by establishment and the dictators unseen as well as their supporters in the lines of political parties.

This is the reason going through the report published by dawn.com stated that first the copy was not shown even to the committee members second the bill as it was proposed by some people with in the ministry of Information Technology (probably be on payroll).

The youths and those who are believing in rationalism, freedom of speech, media and accepting the charter of United Nations on Human Rights and universal liberty of humans should come forward and condemn this draconian law to much to force the government rebound this bill in senate and never let it become law.

Earlier government had updated its website for the consultation period and though civil society members and political parties had lobbied for that but none of their views and suggestions are given space in the law. So it seems to be a clean chit for the security agencies to raid peoples private accounts and take them in custody for unknown period over unexplained terms in the bill. e.g a piece is taken here from the Dawn paper report is enough to understand what’s happening to our brilliant social media lot who are criticizing the establishment moves and violation of human rights laws.

In Pakistan social media is no doubt become a good forum for those who are right activist, political, social workers and secular liberal thinkers.

As Pakistan had been through the dictatorship eras; from Gen: Ayub, Gen: Yahya, Gen: Zia and then Gen: Musharaf everyone of them used media as publicity tool and the dictator mouthpiece. Beside them in the immature era of Pakistan’s politics both Pakistan Peoples Party and Pakistan Muslim League used the then state media to suppress the then political opponent.

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