WAF, activists in Peshawar protest to protect Punjab’s violence against women law

PESHAWAR: Women’s Action Forum and activists publicly demonstrated their solidarity with Punjab Protection of Women against Violence Act, 2015 on Thursday.

The demonstrators gathered in front of Peshawar Press Club to protest opposition to the law brought forth by religious parties and clerics. Holding up banners, the demonstrators urged the government to not amend the law. They demanded its implementation.

“Laws to protect women should be implemented. Religious political parties and so-called clerics oppose women protection laws for their political gains,” Rakhshanda Naz told The Express Tribune. Naz is a member of WAF.

The demonstrators also appealed to the K-P government to pass a pending bill against domestic violence in the province. “We as members of civil society not only demand the implementation of Punjab’s women protection act, but we also want our own government [of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa] to implement the domestic violence bill that has been sent to the Council of Islamic Ideology,” said Jameela Gillani, a member of Awami National Party.

“While no one opposed terrorism collectively, when it comes to women’s issue all religious and political parties gathered to oppose it,” Shirin Javed from Aurat Foundation pointed out.

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