Baji Rao mastani win Awards in film festivel

Mumbai Film Festival Baji Rao Mastani robbed the Fair award. Ranvir best actor for the film took the award for best actress Deepika Pico fly Britannia 61st Annual Filmfare Awards function in Mumbai colorfully decorated. Artists Bollywood glamor to the event, set up four moon. Baji Rao Mastani best film award won by historical film. Baji Rao entitled thhry.bhtryn best actor Ranbir Singh, director of the film Sanjay Leela Bhansali Fair awards section Baji Rao Mastani aya.pyku be considered the best actress Deepika. Baji Rao Mastani Film Fair Award for Best Supporting Actress Priyanka Kapoor jytyn.anyl Best Supporting Actor award heartbeat away with two.

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