Canadian singer Celine Dion double shock, after her brother died

renowned Canadian singer Celine Dion’s husband died two days after his older brother, Daniel, died Saturday gyy.glukarh even Celine Dion’s spokesman said in a statement. The 59-year-old Daniel, died Saturday in muntryyl hy.mstr of Devon Devon’s family paid tribute to him. He was a father of two and owner of several capacities, Sharif and yanked the man who meet on Thursday at Celine Dion’s husband and manager Rene’s former aynjlyl ayjlyl thy.ryny died at the age of 73 Alien Dion was married in 1994 to his three children, who were suffering from PTSD thy.uh cancer and passed away at home in the US city of Las Vegas. In 2000, throat cancer diagnosed in aynjlyl twice after Celine Dion took a break in his career tha.ryny aynjlyl was born in 1942 in the Canadian city of Montreal. The administrator of various organizations in Canada work was carried out and then the parents of the singer Celine Dion manager was chosen for the job. This time only 12 years old Celine Dion Celine Dion thy.gzsth years told the newspaper USA Today, he is preparing for her husband’s death in 2015, he told the newspaper that hyn.agst that my The biggest risk is that I tell my husband that we are right. I will take care of their children. According to the Gazette, we see your gy.muntryal Rene aynjlyl the first album of Celine Dion pledged to invest and put your home tha.sylyn Dion has recorded 25 studio albums and are the world’s fifth richest artist , his net worth is $ 63 million. His 1999 film tayytnk song ‘My Heart Will Go on, received two Grammy Awards 2003 thy.sylyn Devon regularly. She was performing in Las Vegas last year after a year hiatus performances was launched, a year after her husband was busy. In 2014, Celine Dion, Rene aynjlyl the manager stepped down.


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