“Ya Allah Tera Shukar Hai” Exclaims Mohsin Abbas Haider After Wife Fatima Sohail Files For Khula!

Mohsin Abbas Haider has been in the news for quite some time now, following domestic abuse allegations from his wife, Fatima Sohail. Fatima had provided pictures and medical reports as proof to show that Mohsin had abused her both physically and mentally. Moreover, she had also accused Mohsin of having an extramarital affair with the model, Nazish Jahangir, during her pregnancy.

Police Investigation

On July 23, 2019, Fatima registered a first information report (FIR) with the police against the actor, which included along with other allegations; threats to kill his wife. As per reports, Mohsin was found guilty of threatening Fatima but he was proven innocent of breach of trust and demanding money from his wife, as no money trail was found.

Furthermore, in contrast to Fatima’s side, Mohsin’s side of the story was never heard, and to our interest, the actor had a lot to say. He claimed that he was cleared of all the charges, except trespassing his wife’s property, which was the only allegation he was found guilty for. Moreover, he also accused Fatima and her family for not appearing in the court for any of the hearings. Mohsin also uploaded a video on his Facebook handle, where he, along with his lawyer Adnan Tariq, discussed the case and stated that Fatima did not have any witness. Mohsin said that he holds it against the Film and TV industry members for blindly believing ‘“a crying woman”. “I hope people who have caused me so much stress to come out and say what they have to say now,” – Mohsin said while expressing his dismay on his fraternity’s reactions.

Fatima Sohail on the other hand, also uploaded a video along with her lawyer stating that Mohsin had been proven guilty and was evading arrest because of high connections. She was also unsatisfied with how the police investigation was handled, therefore she plans to write an application to the IG Punjab, requesting a fair judgment from an honest man.

Is Mohsin Remarrying?

While we were still confused about the verdict of Mohsin’s police investigation, another interesting piece of news surfaced on the internet. One of Mohsin’s fan accounts posted a picture of Mohsin with the model Nazish Jahangir, claiming that the two will soon be tying the knot. You can read all about that here.

Fatima Sohail Files For A Khula

After receiving the news of Mohsin’s probable marriage, we talked to Fatima Sohail where she told us that the news did not bother her, as she had already filed for a Khula. And now this morning Mohsin Abbas Haider posted a status on his Facebook, that he has received a Khula notice, and is glad to be out of such a toxic relationship with a liar. You can read his full statement below:

Final Word:

As confusing as this controversy already is, the news about the couple’s Khula has made it even more complicated. As many might believe that ‘celebrating’ such an occurrence is indecent, others might not think likewise, because of what Mohsin had claimed. Thus leaving us with the question about whose side of the story is unambiguous, but we hope that the matter is solved as quickly as possible.

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