Prabhas’ Baahubali and Rajkummar Rao’s Stree have something in common – here’s how

The makers started the promotions of Rajkummar Rao and Shraddha Kapoor’s Stree with the tagline ‘Mard Ko Dard Hoga’. Quite interesting, we must say! But we feel rather than the tagline, it’s the confusing ending of the film that made it go viral. Everyone loves films which have cliffhanger endings. Thus, people are now trying to figure out what was Shraddha thinking when she rejoined the choti of the chudail with her hair. While we too were thinking about all the possibilities, we stumbled upon another film whose ending had made the sequel even bigger than the original. Baahubali: The Beginning released in 2015 and left many with one burning question, “Kattappa ne Bahubali ko kyu maara?”

The Baahubali series

So the ending in the first film had Amarendra Bahubali’s uncle Kattapa stabbing him with his sword. The latter was Baahubali’s most trusted aide. So what drove his biggest supporter to kill him? That was one thought everyone had in their minds when Baahubali: The Beginning released. The craze for the answer reached huge proportions so much so that memes were made out of it. Many conspiracy theories also did the round of the internet on what could be the reason behind such treachery. The answer to this question is one of the major reasons that Baahubali: The Conclusion became bigger than any film in the history of Indian Cinema. The Hindi version alone earned over Rs 500 crore, something Bollywood is yet to touch. If we go back to the original, it was the first dubbed Hindi film to make more than Rs 100 crore.


Stree ended with Shraddha Kapoor attaching the chopped hair of the daayan to her own. That means she is now STREE. or Maybe not! There are all sorts of theories that people are coming up with regarding its ending. We shared with you a few of them. In fact, the confused end to the film has earned more attention that the tagline Mard Ko Dard Hoga. It may not as big a film as Baahubali but the hype the ending created is almost similar. Kattappa’s treason made news and now Stree’s climax is making news. The latter has already made things smoother for the sequel because if not for anything else, people would love to check out the follow-up to know whether their theory was true or not.

Also, Stree will reach the Rs 100 crore club soon just like Baahubali: The Beginning.

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