One of the most awaited movies of the year, Sanju, releases tomorrow. The movie features Ranbir Kapoor essaying the role of the controversial Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. The movie boasts of an ensemble cast with quite a few prominent names from Bollywood roped in to play crucial roles. For instance, Dia Mirza will be essaying the role of Sanjay’s wife Maanayata Dutt. Anushka Sharma is playing the role of his lawyer. Paresh Rawal is playing the role of his father, legendary actor, Sunil Dutt. Well, there is one relatively unknown name who will be playing an important role in the movie. Tollywood actress Aditi Seiya will be seen as Sanjay’s sister Priya Dutt. She is visible in the last shot in the trailer.

We talked to the actress about her Bollywood debut and she certainly seemed excited to make the best out of this opportunity. Talking about her experience working with Rajkumar Hirani, Aditi said, “The best thing about Sir is he just lets you be. He gives you the space to improvise and play around. At the same time, he steps in if he thinks this scene could get better or I as an actor can do it better. And it’s on his face when you perform well. I love to see that expression. I would do better just to hear him say ‘well done’

She shared a few scenes with Ranbir and said that he was “fantastic and so nice to everyone on set”. She further added, “He made me very comfortable and then we did have a scene where he told me to tweak a bit and it turned out to be so much better. I was very happy working with him.”

Well, it must have been a little difficult to work with Ranbir given the fact she is calling nation’s heartthrob brother in Sanju. “It’s was not just weird but a task to call him Bhaiya. Would never in my real life call him that. But when we get into the character then it’s done,” Aditi quipped.

Ask her about the biopic she’d love to do and she said, “I love to do a biopic on Rekhaji. She is just amazing. Her persona… the way she carries herself. A true diva.”

Aidti has not met either Sanjay Dutt or Priya Dut. “Unfortunately,” she said. But she is “looking forward in the near future” to meet them. “However, as part of the research, I went through many interviews of Priya to get an understanding of the body language and mannerisms,” she concluded.