Not that this is the first time we are watching Nora Fatehi groove to a song, but this time she has truly hit the ball out of the park. She stars in a special song for John Abraham’s Satyameva Jayate. The song titled, Dilbar, is a remake of the hit ’90s number which featured Sushmita Sen. This time there is an Arabic twist to the song and Nora can be seen belly dancing. The song has garnered 63 million views – at the time of writing this story – and with that Nora has stolen millions of hearts. In an exclusive chat with BollywoodLife, Nora opened up about the response to the song, working with John again, and her future projects.

First things first! Have you gotten a reaction from Sushmita Sen about the song? If not do you look forward to getting one?

I have not received a reaction from Sushmita ma’am yet! But I am definitely looking forward. I really like her and always admired her work and I fell in love with her when I first watched the original Dilbar!

Dilbar has turned out to be one of the biggest hits of the year. How is the view from cloud nine?

Well, I must say I am extremely humbled and still in immense disbelief. It feels great but I have a lot to prove yet. The journey has just begun. I can just thank everyone for the love and support. And the entire team for trusting me and believing in me.

Did you anticipate the phenomenal success?

I knew we were making something epic, I could just feel that energy while shooting. I really gave it my 100 per cent and worked on the song from my heart with only good intentions. I knew the response would be good but I didn’t imagine it to be this good. It’s just amazing! I am so grateful.

How did the opportunity come to you?

T-Series and Nikhil (Advani) sir had approached me for the song and I immediately said yes without thinking twice as it’s an honour to work with such amazing people. Milap (Zaveri) and Nikhil sir are so talented.

As per reports, you also choreographed bits of the song? Did you enjoy that?

Yes, I did and it was a beautiful experience to be able to offer more to the table. Adil sir is an amazing choreographer and an amazing human being. I am so thankful that he allowed me to help and he is one of the reasons for the great energy and confidence I put into the song as after every shot he would always appreciate me and tell me how well I’m doing. He’s amazing and so is his team!

This is the second dance number with John. Why doesn’t he ever dance with you? Do you think the third time would be the charm?

Well, John doesn’t need to dance, he’s so charming. He just has to show up on screen and he creates magic with his aura!

You have danced for Telugu songs, Hindi songs, and even Punjabi numbers? Which one is your favourite?

I don’t have favourites, I enjoy all! As long as the team I’m working with are great and professional, and fun to work with, then I’m happy.

What songs, projects we can see you next in?

You will be seeing me in a few really great projects for sure. The announcements will be made very soon I am extremely excited and hoping I can do justice to everything that comes my way.

To all the ladies out there, who want to belly dance like you… what will be your advice?

Well, unfortunately, I am not trained and never attended classes or a dance school to learn. I had to teach myself but that just shows you it’s never impossible! If you try really hard and put a lot effort and passion, you can definitely learn any style of dance. It just needs persistence.

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