Six months in 2018 have passed and it’s time to award a few titles to the ones who kept us entertained in the first half of the year. This time BollywoodLife decided to pick the winners on its own based on their performances and how much they have managed to make the audience love them. After all, the audience’s love is the only barometer to judge anything in Bollywood. So for the breakthrough performer title, it was a unanimous decision to award it to Vicky Kaushal! With two wins already in his kitty, this guy is going places this year. In fact, he is one of the most successful actors of this year with over Rs 400 crore coming into the industry through his films. But it’s more than just box office gains that we have taken into account here. He has managed to win over everyone across the nation.

This year, it all began with Raazi. It will be wrong to call it a Vicky Kaushal film because Alia Bhatt was top-lining the cast. Also, the film was a story about Rehmat, an Indian spy who marries a Pakistani officer to pass on important intel to her country officials. So, Alia was always supposed to get more screen presence because it was completely resting on her shoulder. But Vicky’s restrained performance as her husband has only uplifted the film to an altogether different level. It was aptly nuanced and despite being a supporting role, Vicky’s confident portrayal never let anyone overshadow him. Now, that’s the power of being talented… you will shine anyway.

Then, Vicky was the lead in Netflix’s first India original Love Per Square Foot and he was simply amazing in it. A stark contrast to all the roles that he played this year, Vicky aced it well. Playing a middle-class guy looking for a home in a Mumbai by getting into an arrangement with a girl with similar dreams, was portrayed perfectly by him. In fact, there were many shades in his character which the actor performed perfectly.

If we talk about this year’s biggest hit Sanju, we wonder what it would have been without Vicky playing Sanjay Dutt’s best friend Kamli in it. Ranbir Kapoor was stupendous but Kaushal’s performance took it a notch higher. That was one of the people in Dutt’s life that we hardly knew of. It was the first time we heard about his friend and all that, thanks to Vicky’s superb performance. After watching him in Sanju, all people could talk about was who is this Kamli in Dutt’s life.

Then there’s also Lust Stories, yet another Netflix original which got everyone talking. Brilliant is an understatement for Vicky and his talent. Thus, he deserves every award that’s coming his way.