In today’s episode of Bepannaah, Aditya and Zoya spend the night at the cell. Mr Hooda is tensed. Anjana prays to the God. Noor and her mother also pray to the God.

Aditya meets Mr Hooda and he says that he has chosen to save Zoya and Aditya together. Mr Hooda says that Aditya can’t say anything about his ways of saving. Aditya says that till he saves them together then he won’t say anything.

The judge starts the proceedings. Mr Hooda starts his speech. He says that there was no motive for Aditya and Zoya to kill their partners. He says that there was no affair between Yash and Pooja. The defence objects. Mr Hooda takes over and calls the store owner as his first witness.

Mr Hooda asks the owner whether Aditya and Zoya came to his shop or not. Mr Charlie says that Zoya and Aditya were fighting over buying the same gramophone. He asks whether Zoya and Aditya visit the place regularly, the owner says that Zoya visits regularly but he saw Aditya for the first time. Mr Hooda also proves that Aditya landed the plane because he thought that the person was suffering from heart attack. But when he was going to fly again, the ATC asked him to not fly because of bad weather. He calls the employees and they say that the police forced them to give false statements. They also told that Zoya and Aditya got married to save the company. Mr Hooda calls the lawyer who filed divorce papers. He proves that Yash signed the papers and Pooja didn’t. Thus if he wanted a divorce then he would also face consequences of adultery. He farther keeps on proving that Yash utilised Zoya and Pooja for his own benefits. He calls Ashis to give his statement. He says that he and Yash met Pooja in a party. Mr Hooda asks that Yash and Pooja had no affair and thus he took money from Pooja for investment. He says that Yash took money from Pooja to buy properties. Mr Hooda gives evidence that he borrowed money from everywhere. Aditya remembers Mr Hooda’s words and he is stunned. The defence starts asking why was Pooja and Yash together in Missouri and also about Aditya’s credit card. Mr Hooda says that every husband’s credit card is with their wives and that can’t prove Yash and Pooja’s affair. Mr Hooda proves that Yash was a patient of depression and he committed suicide and in this way he also killed Pooja. He calls Yash Arora’s psychiatrist.

He starts asking the doctor whether Yash had depression or not. The doctor says that Yash had depression. Mr Hooda says that whether they can harm or not. The doctor says yes. Mr Hooda asks that if someone would want their money back then whether the person will commit suicide or not. The doctor says yes. Mr Hooda proves that Yash suffered suicide and killed Pooja.

The court says that Pooja and Yash were never killed and Yash committed suicide and Pooja died, unfortunately. Rajveer is angry. The judge declares that Zoya and Aditya are innocent. Zoya is broken. Aditya hugs Mr Hooda. Zoya sees a broken Madhu. She remembers Mr Hooda’s words and starts crying.