We don’t know about the rest but Salman Khan and Varun Dhawan had the most fun at the Star Screen Awards 2017. While everyone was busy putting their best foot forward on the red carpet, these two were happy doing their own thing behind the stage. Varun turned into a photographer for Salman and clicked some fabulous pictures. They were having a lot of fun. Later, they even got on stage for some masti mazaa. That’s when Salman said something about fans which has been trending all day. What many didn’t know was the context of his quote and thus we have the video for you.

Here, you can seen Varun and Salman on stage talking about fans when the Tubelight actor talks about how he would rather have a table and ceiling fan than his admirers. Now you have to give it to the man. We are pretty sure he must have performed on his songs and was out of breath. He surely was sweating profusely and wanted something that could cool him down. That’s why he made it amply clear what he wants right now. We totally understand you Salman and thus, we got this video for all the fans who might have taken offence to his statement. Check it out right here